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Electricians and linemen are in demand nationwide, especially in growing states like Georgia. The wonderful climate, combined with the general trend of population movement South, are driving growth and the corresponding need for qualified electrical linemen. Somebody's got to keep all those new Georgia homes powered.

How much does Georgia love its electrical linemen? It has an entire month devoted to them - Lineman Appreciation Month! Does your career have its own month?

Becoming an electrical lineman can set you up in a highly satisfying and financially rewarding career. Becoming a qualified lineman requires education from qualified instructors.

Looking for a Georgia Electrical Lineman School?

After completing your high school education, the next phase is to learn about the electrical field. That education starts at an Independent Electrical Contractors (IEC) training center. And don't worry about having to move off to some far away location. We've got over 50 locations throughout the United States. We're near you.

How You Learn at IEC

IEC education involves much more than just classroom instruction. We offer a hands-on apprenticeship-based education. You be taught in a state-of-the-art training lab, and you will also be taught on the job. In addition, you will be PAID while you go through your apprenticeship. As a result, when you graduate, you're ready to go create a successful life for yourself free of student debt.

The next phase? Go to work. Georgia linemen are in demand, so that should not be a problem. Enjoy your new career and the rewards that come with it.

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