Lineman School - Idaho

The beautiful state of Idaho is renouned for its scenery, and its economy is driven by manufacturing, agriculture, mining, forestry, and of course, tourism. The state is home to many scientific and technology firm, including the largest Department of Energy facility in the United States, the Idaho National Laboratory.

There is strong demand in the Idaho for those skilled in maintaing electrical systems. You can start a career in the electrical field by studying at the Idaho Training Center of Independent Electrical Contractors.

The first step in beginning a career in the electrical feild is completing your high school education with a strong emphasis on math and science, followed by hands-on training in the electrical field. That education starts at an Independent Electrical Contractors (IEC) training center.

How IEC Works

Independent Electrical Contractors offers a hands-on, apprenticeship-based education. You receive instruction in a state-of-the-art training lab, and you will also be taught on the job.You will be paid while you go through your apprenticeship, so you will gradudate with zero student loan debt.

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IEC of Idaho
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