Arkansas Electrical License

You can obtain your Arkansas electrical license with training from your nearest Independent Electrical Contractors training center.


Arkansas is home to tens of thousands of farming families who collectively contribute over $20 billion to the state economy. It is also home to the world’s largest retailer, Wal-Mart. Arkansas is a beautiful blend of agriculture and commerce. Like any growing state, Arkansas is going to have an ongoing need for skilled, licensed electricians.

Becoming a licensed electrician in Arkansas could be the best decision of your life. The electrical industry is outpacing national average, and in certain booming locations, the demand far outweights the supply of available qualified electricians. Currently, electricians are retiring at a faster rate than new ones are entering the industry. That is only going to push the demand (and commanded wages) higher.

So how do you go about getting an Arkansas electrical license?

Independent Electrical Contractors provides a very clearn path to achieving your goal. At an Arkansas IEC training center, you will not only receive classroom instruction from world class instructors, you will also receive hands-on training through an electrical apprentice. When your education is done, you will have the work requirements and knowledge to pass the written licensing exam.

So rather than accumulating debt in the form of student loans, you are earning a fair wage while getting your education.

The demand for qualified Arkansas electricians will continue to grow. Your career will begin as an apprentice, but from there you can advance all the way up to master electrican or owner of your own company. It all starts with training at IEC to get your Arkansas electrical license.

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