Connecticut Electrician Apprenticeship

Connecticut is an affluent state in the New England area that has the highest per-capita income in the United States. It is the third smallest state, but is the fourth most densely populated. It is an old state that was heavily involved in the formation of the American federal government. A large part of the state is part of the New York metropolitan statistical area.

The point of this geography and history lesson is that Connecticut is and will continue to be a state with a heavy demand for electricity and those who are skilled in its repair, maintenance and installation. Connecticut is a great state to start a career in the electrical field. The way to do that is with an apprenticeship from Independent Electrical Contractors (IEC).

Connecticut electrician apprenticeships conducted through the IEC provide budding electricians with the classroom instruction and hands-on training needed to pass state licensing exams and begin their careers. Contact the Connecticut chapter of IEC at the location below.

IEC New England
1800 Silas Deane Highway, Rear Building
Rocky Hill, Connecticut 06067
Ph: (860) 563-4953
Fax: (860) 529-4265
Email: ‚Äč

Unlike a traditional higher education where students typically leave school tens of thousands of dollars in debt, your Connecticut electrician apprenticeship will get you educated at ZERO cost. You actually make money while learning.


What are you waiting for? Start building a rewarding career in the electrical field today!

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