Electrician Apprenticeship – Illinois

The state of Illinois is like a model for the entire country. It contains wide rural areas that are heavy agriculture producers, a number of small industrial cities, and of course Chicago in the northeast, one of the largest cities in the United States.The state has a diverse economy and is also an important transportation hub, supporting commerce throughout the country.

With so much economic activity and the sixth largest population of any state, it is no surprise that Illinois has a heavy demand for electricity and those who are skilled in its maintenance. Read on if you would like to learn how to become part of this fast growing, in demand, and lucrative field.

The recommended way to begin a career in the electrical field is with an Illinois electrician apprenticeship from Independent Electrical Contractors (IEC).

Electrical training is not something that just happens in a classroom, as with a traditional higher education. It requires a hands-on approach. You learn by doing. You learn by going into the field and performing electrical work. 

And you also learn from classroom instruction taught by experienced, highly qualified instructors.

That’s what you get when you study at an Independent Electrical Contractors (IEC) training center.

If you are ready to get started, contact your nearest Illinois Independent Electrical Contractors chapter at one of the locations below:

Midwest IEC
371 Kairns Drive
Crown Point, Indiana 46307
(219) 226-0954
Email: kevin@midwestiec.com


IEC Greater St. Louis
12704 Pennridge Drive
Bridgeton, Missouri 63044
(314) 739-4650
Email: sheila@iecstl.com





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