Electrician Apprenticeship – Maryland

Sure...in terms of square footage, Maryland is kind-of a pipsqueak...but holy smoke does it make up for it in terms of population density and income. Maryland has the highest median household income of any state. The state borders Washington D.C. and has a highly diversified economy that runs the gamut from manufacturing to biotechnology.

With all those successful people packed into a small geographic area, you better believe the state of Maryland has a high thirst for electricity. If you want to stake your claim in this highly rewarding and lucrative career, the first step is with a Maryland electrician apprenticeship. Independent Electrical Contractors (IEC) can make it happen.

The electricity that powers Maryland is first generated at a power plant, and is then delivered to homes and businesses throughout Maryland via a system of transformers and wires. It enters a home or business through an electrical box that enables the current to be sent to various circuits to power rooms in the structure.

The skilled individuals who maintain this system are called electricians. Electricians are well-paid and in-demand. In a state like Maryland, an electrician will never go without work for long.  Contact the Maryland chapter of Independent Electrical Contractors (IEC) to learn how you can begin a Maryland electrican apprenticeship to gain the skills you need to become a licensed electrician.

With an IEC electrical apprenticeship, you actually learn while performing the work you are being trained to do, and you GET PAID WHILE DOING IT!

Contact the Maryland chapter of IEC at the contact information below or via the contact form on this page. We look forwarding to working with you!

IEC Chesapeake
8751 Freestate Dr Ste 250
Laurel, Maryland 20723-5891
Ph: (301) 621-9545
Fax: (301) 912-1665
Email: gshmelzer@iec-chesapeake.com


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