Electrician Apprenticeship – Montana

The state of Montana ranks fourth in terms of size, but only 43rd in population. It’s got mountains in the West, and they call the East the “Badlands.” In other words, Montana is big and wide.

But there are still over a million people in the state. And those people need power.

If you are seeking a rewarding and satisfying career but want to have room to roam, an electrical apprenticeship with Independent Electrical Contractors (“IEC”) is a great way to go. Unlike traditional higher education where you often end up in debt,  a paid IEC apprenticeship lets you earn while you learn.

There is a growing shortage of qualified electrical workers nationwide, including Montana. Demand is outweighing supply. It has never been a better time to join the electrical industry.

Contact the Montana chapter of IEC with the information below or via the contact form on this page.

IEC of Montana
P.O. Box 6955
Helena, Montana 59604
(406) 431-9836
Email: mgtmorgan@morganconsults.com

Independent Electrical Contractors has supplied its chapters with over $5 million in cash and equipment since 2000 to train workers for the electrical industry. This allows each IEC chapter to provide world class training from highly experienced electricians in state-of-the-art labs.

From paid internships to advanced training, rely on IEC to get you started in the electrical field and advance your career as far as you want to go.


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