Electrician Apprenticeship – Washington

The state of Washington is one of the younger states in the nation, having been admitted to the Union in 1889. It is one of the larger states, coming in at 18th in terms of size and 13th in population. The state's capital is Olympia and its largest city is Seattle. Seattle is an important business center in the North West, and the metropolitan statistical area is home to 60% of the population of the state. It is a beautiful state that borders the Pacific Ocean and features mountain ranges and rainforests. Predictably, the state is a huge producer of lumber.

Washington is a wealthy state that is politically liberal for the most part. Among the policies passed by the state are medical and recreational cannabis use, same-sex marriage, and legal physician-assisted suicide. The state yields a high quality of life for its citizens, even despite the heavy rainfall for which it is famous.

Washington is a great place to live, have a family and create a successful life. If you want to build a life for yourself in Washington, a great way to do that is with a career in the electrical field. It is a highly rewarding career, both in terms of self-satisfaction as well as financial gain. The key to getting started is with a Washington electrical apprenticeship.

So how do you go about obtaining a high quality apprenticeship that will teach you the skills you need to know? Through Independent Electrical Contractors! With 50 locations spread across the United States, IEC is leading the way in training young men and women in starting careers in the electrical field.

Your education at an IEC training center will consist of a combination of classroom training taught by highly experienced instructors and in-the-field apprentice work. So you’re not just sitting in an electrician school...you’re going to a job and actually performing electrical work! In addition, you earn a salary while you are on the job.

Compare that to a traditional higher education in which a student typically graduates with tens of thousands of dollars in debt without actually having any concrete job skills. College degrees are fine, but if you want to fast-track your way to a career where you can start earning money today, an IEC electrical apprenticeship is the way to go.

If you would like to find out how to begin your Washington electrical apprenticeship and begin an exciting, rewarding career with zero debt, contact your nearest IEC training center below.

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