Indiana Electrician Apprenticeships

People in Indiana like to move fast...REAL fast if you’re talking about fans of the Indianapolis 500 or Brickyard 400. With the 16th highest population in the United States and a number of cities with population over 100 thousand, demand for individuals who are skilled in the electrical fields has never been greater.  Somebody’s got to make sure all those lights stay working at Lucas Oil Stadium!

The way to get started with your electrical career is with an Indiana electrician apprenticeship. Independent Electrical Contractors can get you there. Your education at your nearsest Indiana IEC training center doesn’t just happen in a classroom. You will learn in a state-of-the-art lab, and then you will learn by actually going out and doing work. Your Indiana electrician apprenticeship will not only help you lock in your skills, but you will earn money on the job.

That’s right – at IEC Training Centers, you don’t PAY for your electrical education in Indiana – you GET PAID. 

Demand for qualified electricians is only going to continue to grow. As you continue to advance through your career (from apprenticeship to to journeyman all the way up to master electrician), your earnings will keep going up, right along with your sense of accomplishment and satisfaction.

No matter where you are in Indiana, there is an IEC chapter near you.

Central Indiana IEC
10640 Deme Dr, Ste P
Indianapolis, Indiana 46236
(317) 562-1102

IEC Kentucky & Southern Indiana Chapter
1810 Plantside Drive
Louisville, Kentucky 40299
(502) 493-1590

IEC Southern Indiana Chapter
PO Box 4104 
Evansville, Indiana 47724
(812) 874-8261

IEC of Greater Cincinnati
586 Kings Run Drive
Cincinnati, Ohio 45232
(513) 542-0400

Midwest IEC
371 Kairns Drive
Crown Point, Indiana 46307
(219) 226-0954



What are you waiting for? Start building a rewarding career in the electrical field today!

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