Electrician Apprenticeship – Kansas

The Midwestern state of Kansas is one of the highest agriculture producing states in the country. Some of the top crops in the state include wheat, soybeans and corn – all staples of the American diet. It is the 15th largest state and sits at 34th in terms of population.

But like every state, Kansas depends on electricity to keep the wheels of commerce moving (do you really think you can run a modern farm without electricity?).

That ever-so necessary electricity gets to the farms, homes and businesses of Kansas by traveling through wires from a power plant to devices called transformers that increase the voltage so the electrical current can travel long distances. From there it is sent to substations that lower the voltage for transport on smaller power lines. The voltage is reduced again at smaller transformers sitting at the top of poles, which connect to the locations that actually use the power.

It is a beautiful thing. It is also a complex operation that requires the service of many highly skilled men and women who know how to work with it and put it into practical use for the people of Kansas. Those people are called electricians, and they are fortunate to be in a high demand industry that pays well and provides a high level of personal satisfaction.

So how do you join them? The answer is with a Kansas electrician apprenticeship from Independent Electrical Contractors (IEC).

Electrical training with IEC is a hands on, interactive process. We don’t just teach you in a classroom. We teach you by having you go out and actually perform electrical work supervised by highly skilled professional electricians. Certainly, there is a classroom component. Electrical work can be very complex, requiring the use of mathematics and an understanding of electrical principles. But in the end, your Kansas electrician apprenticeship is where you will really earn your degree and set yourself up for a fantastic career.

As a bonus, as compared to other forms of higher education where you enter the workforce drowning in debt, with our electrican apprenticeship program, you actually MAKE money while you are in school! You will wrap things up debt free and ready to build a life for yourself.

If you are ready to get started, contact your Kansas Independent Electrical Contractors chapter at the location below:

Wichita Chapter IEC
914 E Gilbert, Suite 100
Wichita, Kansas 67211
Ph: (316) 267-4041
Fax: (316) 267-6060
Email: executivedirector@iecwichita.org







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