Electrician Apprenticeship – Massachusetts

The historic state of Massachusetts is the most populous state in the New England region. Boston is where most of the state lives, with over 80% of the state’s population making their home in the Greater Boston metropolitan statistical area. The state is third in terms of population density. 

Like every state, Massachusetts (especially the Boston area) is in need of qualified, experienced electricians to maintain the state’s electrical systems. Becoming an electrician in Massachusetts requires the right combination of classroom training in electrical theory as well as hands-on work performed in the field.

The way to get that combination is with a Massachusetts electrician apprenticeship from IEC.

Your IEC training will prepare you for the IEC National Certified Professional Electrician Exam, which covers the key concepts and practical skills across the four-year IEC Electrical Apprenticeship Program. Competencies on these exams come from the Core Concepts, which appear at the end of each year. These two exams occur over a two day period.

Applicants who successfully complete the exams receive an IEC National Certified Professional Electrician Certificate, wallet card, and recognition from IEC National. You are then prepared to enter the marketplace as a trained electrician.

Contact the Massachusetts chapter of IEC at the contact information below or via the contact form on this page. We look forwarding to hearing from you!

IEC New England
1800 Silas Deane Highway, Rear Building
Rocky Hill, Connecticut 06067
Ph: (860) 563-4953
Fax: (860) 563-5453
Email: allie@iecne.org ‚Äč 


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