Electrician Apprenticeship – Minnesota

Minnesota, also known as the “Land of 10,000 Lakes” is a North Central state in the Great Lakes region. It is a state with a high standard of living and civic-minded people who are active voters. The people of Minnesota tend to be well-educated and well-off. It is the 22nd most populous state, with many of those people living in the Minneapolis – St. Paul metropolitan statistical area (“the Twin Cities” region).

Given the state’s prominence, it is no surprise that there is a high demand for skilled eletricians. If you live in Minnesota and would like to begin a career in the electrical field, a Minnesota electrican apprenticeship from Independent Electrical Contractors (IEC) is a great way to get started. 

Why IEC?

An IEC education goes way beyond just classroom instruction. We offer a hands-on apprenticeship-based education in which you not only learn in a state-of-the-art training lab in classes taught by world class instructors, you also learn on the job. And you get paid while you do it! You graduate with NO debt, and you start making money while you’re still in school.

Unlike many educational routes, where it is often difficult to land your first job, getting that first electrical job is no problem. Educated, qualified electricians are in high demand. As long as you take your IEC education serious, you will have no problem. So study hard and work hard. If you are willing to do that, you will do just fine.

The final step is to get certified. Again, if you have taken your studies with the Independent Electrical Contractors seriously, this should not be a big issue. Electrician licensing requirements will vary by location, so it is important that you learn about Minnesota’s specific requirements.

Electrical training requires a hands-on approach. You learn by doing. You learn by going into the field and performing electrical work. That is what your Minnesota electrical apprenticeship will prepare you to do.

If you are ready to get started, contact your nearest Independent Electrical Contractors chapter below:

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