Electrician Apprenticeship – New Jersey

If you are looking for a home and place to start a career, New Jersey ain’t a bad place to be. The state is geographically small, being the fourth smallest, but it has the eleventh largest population. That comes in at number one in population density, with all its citizens living in either the New York or Philadelphia metropolitan statical areas. To top it off, it is the third wealthiest state in terms of income.

Those 9 million people who live in a small area creates a high thirst for electricity, and a high demand for electricians who can service it. A New Jersey electrician apprenticeship from IEC is the key to getting started in this rewarding field.

Demand for electricians in New Jersey is greater than supply – exactly the formula for higher wages. When you accept an electrical apprenticeship with IEC, you will get paid while you work. So you make money from the start. But even beyond the money, it is a highly respected career that will provide you with a high level of personal satisfaction.

Contact the New Jersey chapter of IEC with the information below or via the contact form on this page.

New Jersey IEC
21 Commerce Drive, Suite 202
Cranford, New Jersey 07016
(973) 467-0027
Email: executivedirector@nj-iec.org

IEC supplies its member chapters with the funding and resources to provide top notch training for free. Rely on IEC to get you started in the electrical field and advance your career as far as you want to go.


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