Electrician Apprenticeship – New Mexico

New Mexico is the kind of state for people who like their space – it is the fifth largest state in terms of area but also the fifth least densely populated. New Mexico is a mountainous state that shares a corner with Utah, Arizona and Colorado. The geography of the state runs the gamut from snow-capped mountains to rose-colored deserts. The state has a very high proportion of Hispanics, Latin Americans and Native Americans. It’s the closest thing America still has to the Wild West.

But one thing New Mexico has in common with every other American state is a never-ending need for electricity. And where there is need for electricity, there is a need for electricians who can maintain it.

That’s where Independent Electrical Contractors (IEC) comes in. We provide the training and work experience necessary to start a rewarding career in the electrical field.

Unlike traditional higher education, where you typically end your training with massive amounts of debt, an IEC electrical apprenticeship actually pays you while you learn. Your training is provided by highly experienced master electricians, and it consists of a combination of classroom training and on-the-job experience.

Ready to get started? Contact your nearest New Mexico IEC training center at one of the locations below. We look forward to hearing from you!

Northern New Mexico IEC
5031 Indian School Road NE, Suite 100
Albuquerque, New Mexico 87110
(505) 266-6458

Southern New Mexico IEC
2215 C S. Main St.
Las Cruces, New Mexico 88005
(575) 524-2533

IEC supplies its member chapters with the funding and resources to provide top notch training for free. Rely on IEC to get you started in the electrical field and advance your career as far as you want to go.


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