How to Become an Electrician Helper

Seeking a better life? Seeking a way to earn good money while building a successful career? Becoming an electrician's helper could be the perfect solution.

Did you know that if you get an electrical education with Independent Electrical Contractors you will actually GET PAID while you learn?

Compare the likely scenarios for two intelligent young men first graduating high school and seeking to learn a profession. One decides to go to college. He goes to a lot of parties and has a great time. Then he graduates in four years with $50 thousand in student debt, and no real work experience.

The other young man instead decides to do an electrical apprenticeship with IEC. In four years, he becomes a professionally licensed electrician, and accepts a job with a $40 thousand salary - and ZERO student loan debt.

Seeking a career in the electrical field can change your life. You get the satisfaction of knowing you are providing a valuable service in a high demand industry. Becoming an electrician helper is the first step.

To become a skilled, qualified electrician, you need to learn hands on. You learn by actually doing work. That is the kind of education you get when you study at an Independent Electrical Contractors (IEC) training center.

You will learn in an interactive, state-of-the-art lab. You will be taught by highly experienced experts in the electrical field. The classroom training is combined with real world jobsite experience for a total education that is far different than what you receive at other schools.

You will actually earn money during your apprenticeship and graduate with no debt. No student loans are necessary to learn with the IEC.

Your career will begin as an apprentice electrician. Then you can move up the ladder and become a joureyman, foreman and so on. You may even decide to start your own company.


What are you waiting for? Start building a rewarding career in the electrical field today!

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