Idaho Electrical License

The state of Idaho is growing quickly because of the influx of residential and commercial interests. Population and business growth is happening in rural and urban centers. There is an extreme demand for qualified electricians to service existing properties, and to help establish new ones. Working as an electrician requires certain types of training and field experience that eventually results in an Idaho electrical license.

In Idaho, electricians work through apprentice, licensed, and masters levels. Starting as an apprentice requires a high school diploma, or an equivalent document. Nearly 600 hours of coursework and hands-on study is required to achieve a journeyman level of competency. This will involve classes offered by an institution, plus real world involvement alongside a licensed electrician. Once a license is granted by the state Board of Commerce, a new electrician is required to pass industry standards testing at least once every three years. Further coursework can be completed that adds to a higher future classification.

Compared to other states, Idaho training for becoming an electrician is relatively simple. This does not mean that becoming certified as an electrician in Idaho is less technical. Idaho has designed a streamlined order of qualifications to meet its population demands. Idaho is a large state that is growing very quickly. There is a high demand for qualified electricians in every part of the state. Training programs are offered through various state and regional college and trade school programs. Obviously, we recommend you train at Independent Electrical Contractors. There are a large number of master electricians working in the state who are willing to help train new technicians. Earning an Idaho electrical license normally takes six months to one year after coursework is completed.

Growth in Idaho is dependent upon the availability of tradesmen. This includes electricians. Electricians provide valuable help to residents and business owners. Idaho offers many opportunities for people wanting to excel in trades like electrical service. Becoming an electrician in Idaho is a rewarding and demanding career choice.

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