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Electrician Salary per Hour Breakdown

Electricians are in demand. There are not enough electricians to fill the demand for them, which puts electricians in a favorable position from a salary standpoint. It’s basic economics – supply and demand. When demand is greater than supply, prices rise.

But how much does an electrician make? What is the expected electrician salary per hour? Let’s find out.

To begin with, salaries for any position can vary widely from one state to the next. An electrician in Alabama may not make as much as one in California…but he can buy a whole lot more with his money! Given this, we are just going to deal in nationwide averages since we don’t have the room here to analyze salaries for every different state or region.

As of the time of this writing, the job website lists the average base salary for an electrician at $60,879. The site further lists average salary based on level of experience as follows:

Apprentice electrician - $47,000
Journeyman electrician - $61,000
Electrical technician - $67,000

So obviously the more experience you have, the higher your earnings. If we break the above salaries above into hourly wages (assuming 40 hours per week X 50 weeks), it would suggest an hourly rate between $23.50 and $33.50, with $30.50 being the average. So $30 is about the average electrician salary per hour.

Again, these numbers will change based on where you live and work, and the same wage in two different parts of the country can have much different buying power.

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