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Can You Become an Electrician without an Apprenticeship?
An apprenticeship to become an electrician involves working under the supervision of a licensed electrician for four to five years. Most apprenticeships include at least 144 hours of classwork and at least 2,000 hours of on-the-job training. Can you become an electrician without an apprenticeship? Doing so is nearly impossible if you live in the United States.
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Basic Electrical Training - What You Will Learn in Your First Year as an Apprentice
During the first year in as an electrician's apprentice, there will be both field work and seminar training. Field work, "hands-on" training, is an immersion method for basic electrical training.
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Highest Paying Apprenticeships
There is more opportunity than ever to pursue a career that peaks your personal interests, plus provides an attractive income. Many trades require an apprenticeship period. Normally, this means working for a time on a lower pay scale. Fortunately, the highest paying apprenticeships are now found within industries that are thriving.
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Electrician Apprentice Salary - How Much Can You Expect to Make?
Starting a new career in the electrical trade comes with a lot of questions, particularly about electrician apprenticeship salary. How much will I make? How long before I can move to the next level? Does my location make a difference in pay?
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Electrical License Test - What to Expect
Electrical license testing is very similar from state to state. This article discusses what you can expect from your electrical licensing in terms of pass rate, what you are allowed to bring with you, and more.
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Electrical Exam Prep
IEC provides all the training you need to begin a career as a professional electrician. However, sometimes it is helpful to have some extra help specifically with passing the electrical exams. Here are some of our recommended resources for extra help with electrical exam prep.
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Electrician Training Books
If you want to become a professional licensed electrician, you will have to obtain the necessary education and training in a formal apprenticeship (such as those provided through training with IEC). But if you are looking to build your own library of reference material, or just want to learn for your own edification, then these books may be what you are looking for.
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Electrical License Requirements
Learn about the process of getting your electrical license. Requirements will vary somewhat from state to state, but the core requirements will be very similar.
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Electrician Salary per Hour Breakdown
An analysis of average electrician salaries on an hourly basis based on nationwide average electrician salaries for different experience levels.
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How to Become a Master Electrician
Although the exact requirements for becoming a master electrician vary by state, this article will tell you the general path to becoming a master electrician and how to get started.
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