Seven Best Apps for Electricians

Anyone who has worked in the electrical field for a significant amount of time will know that any and all tools that you can use to help get the job done more efficiently are totally worth the investment. There are apps for those who work all hard and soft trades. You don't have to be a designer or a traditional artist to have an app in the digital store for use. Here's a list of seven of the absolute must-have best apps for electricians.

What makes this one of the best apps for electricians on the app market? Well, for one, it's completely free. For another thing, it is completely user-friendly and allows you to make easy calculations on the fly. This one's completely capable of making accurate real-time measurement conversion calculations, square footage conversion, and performs fraction based math.

FieldPulse for Estimates and Invoices
Get all of the right estimates filled out beforehand and 100% accurate invoices marked up for sending and filing. Has a nifty calculator for tax considerations and allows for custom customer management features.

eTools Lite
This app is so easy to use and it's chock full of plenty of interesting features. Think of it like a "digital tool belt" that fits into your pocket. The vast amount of information that this one app holds is impressive. With eTools Lite you're getting a power calculator, voltage divider, resistor color coder, capacitor coder, frequency converter, and a resistor for LED all in one application. Really, it would be insane for any electrician to not at least give this one a try. It is available only on Apple iOS, in both paid and free versions.

Quickbooks Accounting Software
The accounting software from Quickbooks is a classic software for any business owner and working professional to use. When you know you are going to be crunching some numbers and need a means to keep track of the bookkeeping in one place, this is an invaluable app for your work. Manage all of your project management tools for costs and keep track of all of your finances. That includes organizing everything for tax time well in advance.

Electrical Calculations LITE
Electical Calculations is a relatively simple app. It is considered one of the best apps for electricians since it does exactly what it claims to do, with no fluff attached. With this one you can reliably calculate voltage and voltage drop, motor efficiency, conduit fill, active power, current, apparent power, reactive power, and so much more.

Similar to eTools Lite, this app has lots of features. It's like a digital reference manual, where you can find accurate power calculations and whatnot without too much effort. Includes such features as Ohm's law, voltage drop converter, and a decibel converter.

Master Electrician Reference
Exactly what it sounds like. This app is great for both those who are learning the ropes and those who consider themselves traditionalists. It is considered the absolute best reference material on the market. It is filled with useful charts, formulas, lists, and so on. You name it and this reference guide will have it, if it is related to the electrical field.

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