Highest Paying Apprenticeships

The booming US economy has opened many doors for many people now entering the workforce. It is also exciting for people who are thinking about changing occupations. There is more opportunity than ever to pursue a career that peaks your personal interests, plus provides an attractive income. Many trades require an apprenticeship period. Normally, this means working for a time on a lower pay scale. Fortunately, the highest paying apprenticeships are now found within industries that are thriving. 

Vehicle Mechanic Apprentices 
$17 hourly 

In a booming economy, people buy new vehicles in the same breath that they buy groceries. New vehicles require technicians who understand manufacturer standards, specs, and repair schedules. Anyone with a propensity for mechanics should consider training in a mechanical trade. Know-how in this area is quite lucrative, and being a mechanic’s apprentice is popular in rural and urban areas. 

Electrician Apprentices 
$13-26 hourly 

Becoming a licensed independent electrician requires about four years of side-by-side training with a master electrical professional. This is one of the highest paying apprenticeships because it requires working knowledge in fields like physics, mechanics, weights and measures, and building design. An electrical apprenticeship is lengthy. This is to ensure that a trainee is fully exposed to the many difficulties experienced in the profession. Electrical design and maintenance is tied heavily to governmental regulations. An electrician’s apprentice should be able to service buildings, yet constantly adhere to official standards. There is also a degree of danger associated with this occupation. A high pay rate for electrical apprentices ensures that individuals totally commit to their trade. 

Plumbing Apprentices 
$17-31 hourly 

This is a “dirty” job, but someone has to do it. Plumbers are rewarded well for their work in residential and commercial sectors. Apprenticeships in this area require knowledge about materials composition, and they also demand a high degree of social skills. Plumbing problems are some of the most common within any structure. Plumbers keep the world’s waterworks operational, and they are paid generously for good work. 

Home Appraisal Apprentices 
$14-20 hourly, plus commissions 

In order for any real estate transaction to take place, verified property appraisals must be submitted. The ability to reconcile legal details with market demands is highly valued. Apprentice home appraisers learn how to accurately file reports on new and existing properties. Their reports are highly influential in the greater real estate market. Career appraisers have the power to influence the economy in a certain area. This is why an apprenticeship in this field is compensated well. 

If your interests and talents lead you to an electrical apprenticeship or others, you can expect to be compensated very well for your training period. These trades are also great for building long term careers. When journeyman and master status is achieved, these occupations are very rewarding. They also garner a great deal of respect in communities over time.

At Independent Electrical Contractors, we cannot recommend highly enough an apprenticeship in the electrical field. There are few jobs that offer the pay potential and satisfaction that you will get from becoming a professional electrician. Contact your nearest IEC training center today to get started.

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