Master Electrician Salary by Region

Master electricians rank at the top of their field. To become a master electrician, there are prerequisites to consider. These include: 

  • A high school diploma or equivalent 
  • Completion of journeyman training and licensing 
  • 4,000 hours of journeyman experience 
  • Experience as an apprentice electrician in residential, business and industrial electrical systems installation and repair 
  • Electrical project supervisory and consulting experience 
  • Interface and contact with vendors and suppliers involved in electrical projects 
  • Knowledge of NFPA, safety codes and standard practices and equipment and tools of the trade 
  • Certificate of liability insurance 

Note that experience varies from state to state. 

Master Electrician Salaries on a Regional Basis

Master electrician salary ranges varies by region. Three states offer the highest master electrician salaries: New York, California and Washington. 

The master electrician salary for these regions ranged from $93,000 (California) to $82,000 in Washington State. There are also several cities to consider for master electricians' jobs such as San Rafael and San Jose, California which pay the highest salaries for master electricians with top qualifications. 


Electricians’ Salaries, Experience and Job Availability 

Electricians are an important part of residential, business and industrial projects. However, many electricians also work as government vendors in towns, cities and regional municipalities. 

Electricians who are newly licensed find working for a small electrical contractor helps them gain experience before choosing to branch out on their own or move up to larger electrical projects. 

For electricians who wish to work in government, it is necessary to choose from local, state or federal electrical projects. In order to achieve this goal, electricians need to contact the specific department that hires for municipal projects. This may be the town or city administrator, mayor or a specific committee of the town council. 

Average Electrician Salaries

 An electrician’s salary varies by region as well as by the specific project. The average electrician salary nationally in the U.S. is $60,000 annually. By region, California, Texas, New York, Florida and Ohio rank highest in salaries that range from $75,480 (NY) to $44,270 (FL). 


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