Electrical Safety Tips

When dealing with electric systems in your home or business, it’s important to be up to speed on electrical safety. With more than 31,000 home electrical fires occurring each year and over 180 shock or electricity related injuries occurring, safety while dealing with electricity is often mistakenly neglected. 

To help bring you up to speed on electric safety, we’ve brought together a few safety tips for you to keep in mind. 

1. When working with any electrical system, it is important that you avoid water at all costs! Do not touch any circuits or electrical components if your hands are wet as moisture increases the conductivity of electric currents and can result in a nasty shock! 

2. Repair or replace any equipment with any broken plugs, fraying cords, or damaged insulation. 

3. When working on any sort of receptacle in your home or business, be sure to turn off the mains or power. It’s also recommended that you put up a sign notifying those around that things are being worked on and that the switch should not be turned back on until all is clear. 

4. When dealing with electrical systems, insulated tools should always be used to avoid potential shock. 

5. Avoid any potential electrical hazards such as unguarded equipment or exposed energized parts. Potential hazardous equipment will usually be labelled a shock risk so watch for the signs. 

6. When working on any circuits or electrical equipment, it is best to wear goggles and insulated rubber gloves to avoid injury. 

7. Before working on any equipment that could potentially be energized, be sure to test it to ensure it is not! Making sure that any equipment you’re going to use has not been energized, prior to interacting with it, will help ensure you remain shock-free! 


While working on electrical systems can be dangerous, following the necessary safety steps will ensure any repairs or additions go off without a hitch. Internalize the above electrical safety tips and time you have to work on an electrical system, you’ll be much less likely to get shocked!

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