What are some of the Tools that a Beginning Electrical Apprentice needs in his/her Toolbox?

Every artisan needs to have some tools which he uses in performing daily tasks. One such craft that requires a plethora of tools is that of an electrician. The world over, electrician tools are of utmost importance to every electrical apprentice, and their importance cannot be overlooked.

What are some of the Tools that Apprentice Electricians use in their Activities? 

Different training schools and situations for apprentices will differ in how they do things. In some institutions, electrician apprentice tools will be provided to trainees whereas, in others, they will be required to purchase their devices. However it happens, every fully-fledged electrician usually glows with pride when his toolbox is full of the equipment needed for his work. Below are some of the necessary electrician apprentice tools needed by every electrician to carry out general electrical work: 

• Stripping Tools- as an electrician, you will need stripping tools to strip the insulation off wires. Most experts advise that you should choose one with a well-fitting spring for easy handling. 

• Pliers- every apprentice needs a pair of high-quality pliers for twisting wires. Its handles should be comfortable to grasp, easy to grip and adequately insulated. 

• Screwdrivers- an apprentice electrician needs screwdrivers with both #2 and #1 heads as well as those with flat heads. Most importantly, you should choose those that give you maximum control and comfort. 

• Voltage Tester and Meter- as an apprentice, you can get either an elaborate one with tons of options or just a simple pen-style voltage tester. With the advent in technology, new clamp meters are becoming popular due to their hands-free operation and easy-to-read nature. 

• Claw Hammer- a hammer comes in handy especially if you’re carrying out electrical work in a construction site. For instance, it will give you a chance to remove nails while you’re making room for wiring. 

• Pipe Reamer 

• Channel Locks
• Needle-Nose Pliers 

The Bottom Line 

As is evident from the above, an apprentice needs a variety of tools in his toolbox to effectively carry out the functions required of him. As such, he will need a grasp on how to use each instrument as well as the safety precautions required.

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