College for Electricians - Is It Better than a Paid Apprenticeship?

Today many people are faced with the decision of going to college to receive a degree or taking a different path by seeking out vocational or trade school training. Seemingly there is a benefit to both, and the route chosen solely depends on personal preference. There are some things to consider when deciding if going to college or vocational training is the right choice such as time, money, and the reputation of the institute. 

People wanting to become an electrician or have a career in the electrical field have a decision to make as to whether or not they will choose to go to college for electricians or choose an electrical apprenticeship program. While it would seem that going to college to become an electrician or obtain a career in the electrical field would be the likely choice, this is not necessarily the case. Often college for electricians does not offer real job training, and the cost of a degree can be staggering. Those choosing to go to college are often left with a heavy burden of debt and little real job training. 

Another option for those wanting a career as an electrician or in the electrical field is to go through an electrical apprenticeship program. There are many trade organizations that offer an electrical apprenticeship program. Trade organizations provide apprenticeship programs to those who want to learn through hands-on experience and become licensed in their trade. Most often those who go through an apprenticeship program will earn a living wage while learning their job skill. 

One such organization that offers an apprenticeship program for those wanting to become an electrician is Independent Electrical Contractors (IEC). IEC is a national trade association for merit shop electrical contractors. Additionally, IEC has many chapters located throughout the United States. IEC provides hands-on training for those wanting to become an electrician or work in the electrical field. 

At IEC the individual can start immediately through an apprenticeship program and began learning the skills to become an electrician. 

Within four years the individual can become a thoroughly trained and certified electrician. Going through a trade program will allow a person to become ready for the workforce and get his education with zero college debt.

What are you waiting for? Start building a rewarding career in the electrical field today!

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