The Top 5 States for Electrician Jobs

An article that came out last year on the website, a job search website, attempted to rank the best states for electricians. We took a look at the article and think it does a pretty fair job of ranking the states. The criteria that the article used was the following:

  1. Availability of electrician jobs in the state; and
  2. Pay rates for electricians in the state.

The authors of the articles adjusted pay by state to account for cost of living. A dollar buys a lot more in Mississippi than it does in California.

One common theme at the very top of the list is that they tend to be states that are sparsely populated. No matter the population of a state, it will have power lines running across the state and businesses and homes that require professionals to keep the power on.

The top 5 states according to this research are:

  1. Wyoming – with an average annual salary of $59 thousand, an average experienced salary of $81 thousand, and a low cost of living, Wyoming is a state where an electrician can make a very good living.
  2. North Dakota – North Dakota has an even higher annual salary, at $61 thousand, and a very healthy experienced salary of $94 thousand.
  3. Alaska – You can really earn a healthy living if you are willing to travel as far North as possible in the U.S. The average electrician’s salary in Alaska is $82 thousand, and the average experienced salary is a whopping $115 thousand.
  4. Indiana – Indiana has LOTS of electrician jobs, an average salary of $58 thousand and an experienced salary of $81 thousand.
  5. Nevada – It takes a lot of electricians to keep those Las Vegas lights burning bright – and electricians in the state earn an average salary of $62 thousand, with an experiences salary level of $88 thousand.

We think the analysis done to compile the list was fair. However, it really doesn’t matter where you live or work. If you become a certified electrician, you will have no trouble getting work, and you will make a good living for yourself and your family.

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