Electrical Continuing Education - What Is the Best Option?

The electrical field is a lucrative industry that has been consistently in high demand. Consumers, businesses, and cities all require electricians to keep fix and maintain electrical devices. The path to becoming a skilled worker begins with electrical continuing education. There are two different paths that lead to a career as a licensed electrician.

Paying for Classes

Students can enroll at a college or electrical school to begin learning about electrical education. These programs vary in length. An associate degree and certificate are both available. Certificate programs take less time than degree programs. The downside to a traditional class learning environment is the high cost that students must pay for their tuition, books, and supplies. Electrical continuing education Students also must try to work a job to meet their financial needs while carrying the burden of homework and tests.

Getting Paid to Learn

An electrical apprenticeship is a much more appealing learning path. Students are partnered with licensed electricians and journeymen. They work right beside them learning in a hands-on way that teaches must faster than a book ever could. The best part of an electrical apprenticeship is that it is a full-time job where they pay apprentices while they learn. Another major benefit is already having a job and connections in the electrical field after completing the apprenticeship. Students coming from a traditional school do not have this advantage and must search for an electrician position after completing their program.

The choice is clear, getting paid to learn with an electrical apprenticeship is a much more practical decision. Learning the same information at a school is expensive and can be learned quicker in a hands-on environment where questions are welcomed. An apprenticeship provides career and connections for advancement. It is the better choice for electrical continuing education.

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