Useful Links For Electricians

Do you work as an electrician? If so, you may find it helpful to bookmark the links on this page. Use these websites to help make your daily projects flow more efficiently:

Brush Up on Basic Concepts Quickly

Have you forgotten some important information? Would you appreciate a quick refresher? Consider visiting this helpful website: . Although the site charges for premium content, the non-premium content remains free.

Use an Ohms Law Calculator

An online calculator helps electricians determine important parameters for many projects. Sometimes you won't want to complete these basic calculations in your head. The Ohms Law Calculator site supplies a great free calculator. Use it to determine voltage, current, resistance, and power with ease!

Find Specialized Calculators Easily Online

If you'd like to access online calculators for a variety of fields which utilize the services of electricians, consider visiting the CalculatorEdge website. This international site offers several specialized calculators for people working in engineering fields.

Market Your Services

Licensed electricians seeking to market their skills to customers in a specific geographic area appreciate the convenience of online marketing sites like Angie's List and Thumbtack.

Advance Your Career

Every state requires an electrician to hold a valid current license. Have you considered increasing your qualifications as an electrician recently? Consult this helpful state by state online guide to research electrician licenses. It helps outline steps for advancing from Apprentice through Journeyman to Master Electrician. The website also seeks to supply important licensing information for electricians in every state.

Order The National Electrical Code Conveniently

The National Fire Protection Association publishes the National Electrical Code ("the NEC"), a roughly 1,000 page book containing minimum standards promulgated for electricians in most states in the USA. Order this document conveniently online through the National Fire Protection Association website.

Track Leading Electrician Blogs

Would you like to read a good electrician blog? Track the top 20 online sites around the world in this field easily at the Feedspot website. It lists blogs from specific geographic locales, such as British Columbia, Virginia, or Watford, England.

Obtain a List of The Most Important Online Tools For Electricians

Many online sites offer lists of useful tools for electricians. If you've considered assembling an electrical tool kit, Master Electrician David Walter's website offers a great starting place. The site includes reviews of popular products, as well as information about launching a career in electronics.

What are you waiting for? Start building a rewarding career in the electrical field today!

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