Electrician Classes - What Can You Learn in an IEC Classroom?

When you enroll in your first electrician class at IEC, you will soon notice that a well rounded education in the field of electrical wiring is inevitable. The content is backed by professionals and electrical contractors. It is also updated annually to be kept to code! During a four year apprenticeship, you will learn Basic Electrical Theory & Code, Advanced Theory & Code, Motor Controls & Grounding, and, in the final year, Blueprint, Advanced Code, Grounding & Supervision.

Year one of these electrical classes will teach you the basics of becoming a journeyman. You will learn the common knowledge of every electrician and what's required of their work. You will be taught by on the job training and supervised by a licensed journeyman level electrician. You will learn everything necessary in this prerequisite to be successful in all the other electrician classes, all while generating an income. Raises will be guaranteed so long as you maintain a passing grade and perform well in your current position.

During year two, you will learn advanced theory and code. This electrical class will enlighten you to the ways electricity works. This will keep your mind sharp and on the things that matter while performing in the field. This class will also give you some insight as to what's happening in the places you cannot see.

When studying in year three, this electrician class will educate you on motor controls and grounding. You will become proficient in how to properly ground motor control circuits and keep them functioning as intended.

In your final year of IEC electrical classes, you will be taught how to create your own electrical blueprints. You will also learn the final touches of advanced code and will be supervised to be sure you are proficient in that area. You will also be taught the final stages of grounding, and overseen to test your proficiency in these subjects. This is the final year of your electrician classes. By this time, you will have gained enough knowledge to map out and wire your own house and business!

All in all, after four impactful years at IEC, you will have completed electrician classes that taught you everything you need to know to be a professional electrician. These subjects include Basic Electrical Theory & Code, Advanced Theory & Code, Motor Controls & Grounding, and Blueprint, Advanced Code, Grounding & Supervision. After proving you can execute all areas of knowledge while on the job, you will then graduate from the program and move on to bigger and better things!

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