New Electrician Tools that Will Make Your Life Easier

There are certain tools that are tried and true in the electrician’s toolbox – pliers, wire strippers, screwdrivers, multimeters, etc. But as technology evolves, there are certain to be innovations that will make your job as an electrician easier. This article discusses several new electrician tools that will accomplish just that.

Lil’ Ripper Stripper -

This tiny little multifunction tool specializes in NM type cable preparation. It will cleanly rip the jacket from the cable. As you slide the cable through the device, it slices the jacket away without damaging the wires inside. It also functions as a cutter, wire nut wrench and wire bender. It is so small it will fit easily into your toolbelt. It’s cheap, too, at less than six bucks.

Twist-a-Nut Multi-Bit Screwdriver -

Not only is this a high quality ratchet style screwdriver, but it has wire connector wrench built into the top of the handle that allows you to twist wire connectors using your arms rather than just your fingers for much better torque.

Neolight Head Torch -

When you need both of your hands to work but still need a light source, the Neolight head torch is the perfect solution. It contains 5 high performance LED bulbs that can allow you to see up to 1640 feet, even in pitch dark. The light angles and the focus are adjustable. It is waterproof. And it is rechargeable, with up to 10 hours of life from a single charge.

Gardner Bender Electricians Tapping and Rethreading Tool -

This three-in-one tapping tool is designed to clean and rethread holes. This will allow you to use the proper type of screw (rather than the incorrect type) in situations where threading is stripped. A simple idea, but one that can save you much frustration when trying to finish a job.

All of the items listed above are low cost items that you can easily add to your toolbox that will make your job easier and safer.

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