High-Paying Jobs For Women - Try Electrician!

There are several high paying jobs for women that are available today. Many women who are searching for a high-paying career do not even consider becoming an electrician. However, there are women out there who are enjoying a great income being a part of the wave of females who joined that industry back in the late 1970s.

Veronica Rose is a perfect example of this success. She is considered to be a master electrician and now even owns Aurora Electric located in Jamaica, New York. Not only does she own this firm, she also has four women out of 20 electricians working for her. The advantages of becoming an electrician as a woman are quite good since there is a serious labor shortage in the skilled construction industry.

This career choice by women can begin in high school where the education of female students can offer construction choices that include the electrical industry. The industry does not require an expensive college degree. It can be learned while being an electrical apprentice right on the job with an experienced worker. Having these skills will open the doors to many women who want to have a successful career even until they are 65 years old. With the labor shortage in play, high paying jobs for women in this industry are even more available and attractive.

Another great benefit for women in this field is that many of the firms will offer tuition programs for a college education. This way a woman can not only make a profitable living but also earn a degree in another field. The electrical firms will also pay for the books, education, tools and even half of the pay while being trained as an apprentice.

With so many young people trying to get into the field of programmers and computer experts, the number of students wanting to learn about wiring, testing and building equipment is getting much smaller. There is a growing need for more interest in electricity.

Starting out as an apprentice will put women on teams with other electrical workers as well as other skilled people and the customer they are working for. Being physically healthy is usually a positive asset since a lot of work is done while on your feet and having a strong range of motion. Having manual dexterity is also a plus.



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