How to Start Your Own Successful Electrical Business

Electrical work is something that is likely to always be in high demand. Between people needing repairs in the houses they reside in and new construction projects needing to have fixtures installed, there should not be any shortage of work in the field. There are some requirements to become an electrician and run a business, however.


You will likely find that requirements to start your own business vary from state to state. What does not vary is the requirement to have on-the-job training before achieving the goal of having your own business. You will start off needing to complete an apprenticeship for a certain number of hours. This means you will work with a licensed contractor who will help you learn all you need to know about electrical work. You may be required to attend a certificate or degree-based program before the apprenticeship can happen, but this is not always the case.

Journeyman’s License

After you complete your apprenticeship with a licensed contractor, you will then likely move on to your journeyman’s license. A journeyman’s license allows you to do certain work on your own without the direct supervision of the person you are working under. At this point, you will likely still not have your own business, but you will gain more freedom as a journeyman.

Master Electrician

After you have spent a certain number of hours or years holding a journeyman’s license, you may then be able to earn the title of a master in your field. You may have to pass an exam to gain a master license, but once you pass the exam, you can work on most or all projects by yourself.

Contractor’s License

Some states may require that you possess a contractor’s license before you can operate your own physical business. This license grants you registration with the state as a licensed contractor who can complete various projects.

Insurance Requirements

The amount of business insurance you must carry on your business can also vary from state to state. You will, however, want to carry business insurance. If you do a job and something goes wrong, the insurance helps protect your business from lawsuits from your customers. If you do not have insurance, one costly lawsuit could spell the end of your business. It is also nice to be able to tell customers that you are an insured business as it makes them feel more comfortable about choosing your company for their electrical needs.

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