How the Coronavirus is Affecting the Electrical Industry

The Coronavirus (COVID-19) is causing havoc with our nation’s economy. Businesses are shutting down, often due to government mandate, and some workers nationwide are finding themselves with unwanted time on their hands. But for our purposes here, the question we have is: how does this affect the electricial industry? How does this affect the careers of electricians?

Many electricians are employed on construction projects. One major problem these contractors are facing is a shortage of supplies as factories in cities around the world that supply the construction industry have slowed production or shut down entirely. As bottlenecks arise, this could cascade up into different components of construction, including electrical. Shortages can also cause supply prices to increase, thus affecting all parties involved.

It’s not just materials and building supply shortages that are causing problems. Even something as simple as a mask, which can be required in certain working environments, is becoming hard to find. If workers, including electricans, don’t have the supplies they need, they can’t do their jobs.

Some electricians have lost jobs. For example, it was reported that about 8 thousand hospitality and entertainment workers in the San Francisco area have lost their jobs, including electricians. But unlike performers and food service workers, electricians can easily move from one industry to the next. No matter the industry, there is a need for those who know how to manage electrical systems.

The good news? There is still a high demand for electricians and not enough of them. In difficult times, it is much better to be on the side of things where there is still demand.

If you search job ads, you will still find many openings in the electrical field. The need for relocation is a possibility, depending on the job market where you live and your desire for upward mobility.

Pandemic or not, the electrical field is still a great field to be in. Electricians just have to navigate life in the post-coronavirus world like all the rest of society.

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