Best Christmas Gifts for Electricians

You’ve got your holiday shopping almost done, but you still don’t know what to get for the special electrician in your life. If they appreciate practical gifts, surprise them with something thoughtful that makes their tough job a little easier.

Self-Leveling Laser

This handy item makes it easy to install items quickly and accurately. With top and bottom trackers and nearly perfect accuracy, a self-leveling laser is a huge timesaver. A good one comes with a mounting bracket and protective casing that maintains calibration on any job site.

Fiberglass Fish Sticks

Most electricians say they can’t imagine working without these once they’re tried them. You can use them individually or thread them together to thread cables through tight spaces like those in ceilings, walls or raised floors. The hook attachment makes threading wire a breeze.

Tool Bag

A sturdy, organized tool bag is a must for every hardworking electrician. Find a heavy-duty tool bag with up to 50 individual pockets that will hold everything, or choose a compact, lightweight bag that holds just a few essentials. Deep pockets, waterproof construction and secure storage are key features of the best tool bags.

Insulated Screwdrivers

Think safety first with a set of insulated screwdrivers that protect against sparks and arcs when someone's working on a live panel. These are an excellent choice for apprentice electricians, who may not be ready to spring for every tool out there. Make it a complete set by including three or four in various sizes and head shapes.


A light source is ideal for electricians, who frequently have to trek through dark crawlspaces or attics. With a headlamp, there’s no more figuring out how to hold tools and a flashlight with only two hands. They’ll have light whenever they need it without taking up valuable hand or pocket time.

Cut-Resistant Gloves

If you’re sensing a safety theme here, you’re right. Electricians' hands are frequently exposed to sharp items. Cut-resistant gloves protect their skin from glass shards, broken metal, sharp wires and other items that can cause serious damage.

Light Up the Holidays

Your favorite electrician will appreciate knowing their safety is your top concern. Any of these gifts will light up your gift-giving, so head to the hardware store now.

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