The Top Electrical and Construction Industry Links for the Business Week Ending November 20, 2020

Power Quality Monitoring & its Impact on Today’s Data Centers
Older and smaller data centers usually lack basic power measurement or monitoring systems. In those cases, the only way they become aware of a potential power problem is when IT support personnel report the issue.

Union electrician sees huge improvement in safety protocols, but some still think he’s crazy to do the job
In the 16 years Joe Fitzgibbon’s has worked as an electrician and member of IBEW Local 134, he’s seen a lot of changes from when he first started — when many workers were nonchalant about safety — to today when safety is constantly drilled into workers, and professionalism and production is at an all-time high.

The Electrician Apps trade is soaring, Says SMI
Electrician Apps Market surged globally over the past few months, in line with the phased unshackling of the economy, indicating that demand remains robust despite the COVID-induced disruptions and economy shrinkages.

6 Useful Software Tools for Construction Businesses
If you run a construction company, you are likely looking for the tools that can help you operate more smoothly and profitably. Just like on the construction site, having the right tools for your back office is essential to your success. The following six types of software can help ensure the lasting success of your construction business.

The critical evolution in ConTech: Field operations management platforms
If we were to ask you what you thought safety and quality software represented or is used for, you might very well reply, “punchlists, defects, inspections, and incidents.”

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