New Types of Windmills that Will Change the Future of Electricity

For years humankind has been utilizing the resources provided by nature to fulfill their needs. As we are proceeding towards the developed era, we should discover alternatives and should preserve our resources and the health of the planet for future generations.

Indeed, humanity has progressed greatly and have been able to generate electricity through water, coal, sunlight, and steam. While these aspects can provide electricity, they can also come with their respective issues.

Thankfully, the wind has also been an exploratory topic for the generation of electricity. Although this has been implemented, new types of windmill designs are in the research stages, altering the future of electricity. Here is what you must know about a few of these new initiatives.

The Vortex
Electricians have thoroughly worked to discover new ways to generate electricity. The Vortex, a new type of windmill, has recently become a topic of interest.

As ordinary wind turbines pose hazards to birds, Vortex is a bladeless wind turbine developed by a Spanish company called Vortex bladeless.

Vortex has similar goals as a typical wind turbine has; however, it differs in its structural appearance. It is a straight-rolled joint with no blades.

Instead of capturing the kinetic energy of wind through rolling blades, Vortex operates through aerodynamic motion. There are advantages associated with this new type of wind turbine as it is silent and creates nearly no air pollution. It is safe for birds and works faster to generate electricity quickly.

Vertical Wind Turbines
The new vertical wind turbines can replace old traditional wind turbines. This can significantly change the amount of electricity generated. According to a new study from Oxford Brookes University, the vertical wind turbine design is far more effective than traditional wind turbines. In addition, vertical wind turbines, when put together in pairs, can enhance each other’s performance by 15 percent.

One can find that several electrician professionals have developed new ways through which the proficiency of these wind turbines can be increased, such as a grid assembly of wind turbines.

According to those who call themselves electrician professionals, the vertical turbines will have a new type of blade assembly preventing harm to birds as well.

Maglev Turbine
Maglev is also a vertical turbine concept similar to Vortex. The development of Maglev began in Central China. In addition to this, the turbine is very capable as it can produce 400 to 5000-kilowatts of electricity.

It operates on a magnetic levitation process through blades suspended in an air cushion. The significant advantage of this wind turbine is that it has a low maintenance cost.

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