The Top Five States with Highest Demand for Electricians

Electricity has become a central part of everyday living and is used in nearly everything we do. From the appliances that store food to the phones that keep us in contact with others no matter where they are, people rely on electricity and that makes an electrician a very valuable and lucrative job. And, depending upon where they live, an electrician salary can nearly rival that of a corporate CEO. Here are the top five states with the highest demand for this occupational specialty.

1) Alaska

One of the coldest and most remote states in the USA, this state is willing to pay top dollar for anyone who can keep the lights on and the heater running. The average salary for an electrician is just over $81,000. Some companies will even add the benefit of helping perspective employees to cover the cost of moving there. This is a great place to move to…provided you can stand the chill.

2) Montana

The Big Sky State is the next leader in seeking people with these incredible skills. An electrician salary averages out at just over $66,000. With the state having a lot of open area, people who can maintain electrical needs over the space and keep people connected are very important.

3) Oregon

Oregon has many different big-name companies housed there. From lumbering giants to computers, the need for electricity is just as vital as it is all over the United States. The average salary for electricians is almost $68,000. Plus, the state will offer programs to help people establish themselves within the state’s borders.

4) North Dakota

This state is one of the leading states in wind farms. The powerful windmills convert the energy of the wind into electricity that can be used to help reduce consumption of natural resources. Electricians on average make over $63,000 to help keep them turning and that the energy collected is distributed as it should be.

5) Wyoming

With many of the big machine companies based there and building them there, Wyoming is in need for electricians. They offer salaries up to $56,000, and can help those beginning in the field to establish themselves as leaders in their field.

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